Intensive Coaching

If you are truly serious about overcoming your mirena side effects and improving your health, and you’re looking for something intensive, sophisticated, individualized and tailored to your specific situation, I would like to invite you to my Mirena intensive coaching program.

In this program we would work closely together on a daily basis on reversing your side effects and symptoms and getting you to exactly where you want be with your health. I don’t usually advertise my coaching program and I only work with one or two people a month who demonstrate that they are truly serious about their health, are willing to go to any length to feel better and be as healthy as they can be, and are easy to work with. You’ll receive my undivided attention and along the way learn everything I know about female health, nutrition, sexual health, hormones and longevity.

The Complete Mirena Detox Program would be included with the intensive coaching program.

If you are feeling the pull to work together but want to get a feel if it’s the right fit first, I totally get it — this is a commitment, as well as an investment of your time, energy, and resources. Let’s have a FREE 15 minute “taster” call to meet one another and make sure that working together is in fact a perfect fit! You can send me an e-mail letting me know you are interested in scheduling your FREE 15 minute taster call and we can jump on the phone to get this started!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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